Hardwood Installation

Installing hardwood flooring can add beauty and value to any room. With hardwood flooring, you have several different installation options. Depending on the product you choose, hardwood flooring can be either nailed down, glued down, or installed with the floating installation technique.

Types of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Installation

Solid Wood

Nothing compares to the richness and warmth of a solid residential hardwood floor installation. Solid hardwood floors never go out of style and have vastly improved in time with technology. Solid wood floors are meant to be installed over a wood subfloor, on the first, second and third level of the house. We don’t recommend installing it in the basements (basements hold a lot of humidity). Natural oak flooring has long been one of the most popular flooring choices. It still remains one of the world’s top selling floors, but new technology has allowed for bolder wood fashions that offer more design flexibility.

Engineered Hardwood

For many homeowners, engineered wood flooring just might be the perfect compromise between solid hardwood flooring and laminate. Engineered wood is a genuine wood. It is a sandwich of 1/16″ to 1/8″ of finish wood on top and non-finished plywood underneath. So what you’re looking at is 100% real wood. The advantage of engineered wood flooring versus laminate is that engineered wood can be sanded after scratches and dings develop. Engineered flooring is more expensive than laminate, yet provides better value in the long-run because it can be periodically sanded to revive the wood grain and erase scratches.

Laminate and Floating Floors

For the modern homeowner and active families, laminate flooring is fast becoming the number one choice. With its great characteristics for not harboring dust, laminate flooring is also the choice for many people with allergies. The most common theme for laminate flooring is to create the impression of real wood flooring, but laminate flooring is also available to create an impression of tiles or stone. Need a great comparison to real hardwood? A hand scraped laminate product can give you a great comparison. From cherry, oak, walnut, to hickory, your choices in a hand scraped laminate look are unlimited.

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Peter was undoubtedly highly skilled and dedicated. We’ve had a similar job of getting the upstairs refinished with hardwood at our last property done from Home Depot and Peter’s work definitely surpassed its quality. His work ethic stands out the most where he was very professional and made sure that the job was completed on time with satisfactory result by putting in extra, nonstop hours. We’d highly recommend his service for any of your flooring needs.
April & Han

Hardwood Installation, Johns Creek

I had an amazing experience working with Peter from Ameri Floors. I can’t say enough about how professional he was. The house came out even better than expected! His attention to detail was truly great! I also felt like any question I had or request I made was handled very well and Peter offered up great ideas that we went with for the look of the floors. I HIGHLY recommend this company and Peter!
Koushan, N

Hardwood Floors, Marietta

Peter and his crew did an excellent job renovating my staircase and installing wood flooring on the landings. We couldn’t have asked for a better result. Peter’s team were timely and very professional. If you are in need of a first rate flooring or stair expert I suggest you give them a call.
Linda, K

Hardwood Flooring, Sandy Springs

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