Frequently Asked Questions

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About Ameri Floors Atlanta

Who is Ameri Floors Atlanta?

Ameri Floors is an Atlanta based flooring company, focused on high quality service. Founded in 2005, Ameri Floors is a member of America’s Best Companies beginning in 2011.

What services do you provide?

We offer quality installation, design, repair or refinishing for:

  • hardwood floors
  • laminate flooring
  • engineered wood
  • parquet hardwood
  • bamboo floors
  • hardwood stairs
  • hardwood floor refinishing
  • tile
  • kitchen backsplashes
  • kitchen and bathroom tile
  • shower remodeling
Is Ameri Floors licensed?

We are licensed, insured for $1,000,000 coverage and we have worker’s compensation.

Can I get a Free Estimate?

We travel to your home and offer you a Free In-Home Estimate or we can even give you an approximate estimate over the phone if it’s more convenient for you.

Do you have references or testimonials?

Yes, we certainly do. You can find testimonials from our past customers on our site, on Yahoo Local or Kudzu. Just contact us for a list of references with phone numbers from our customers.


How about the price for solid hardwood installation?

The price we charge for wood floor installation (including engineered hardwood) varies between $1.75/sq ft and $2.25/sq ft.  As with laminate installation, some extras may be added to the final cost according to what else needs to be done.

How much do you charge for a laminate installation?

Depending on the product, complexity of the project, and extras needed, we charge between $1.50/sq ft and $2.00/sq ft on the laminate flooring installation. You also need to take in consideration additional costs for shoe molding or quarter round installation, removing and haul away carpet, remove existing floor, and moving the furniture. Another cost that may occur during the process is leveling the sub-floor.

What is the cost for hardwood refinishing?

For hardwood floor refinishing our quote can vary between $1.75 and $2.50/sq ft. We offer the option of 2 or 3 coats of polyurethane after the stain is added to the floor.

How much do you charge for hardwood stairs?

For installing and refinishing hardwood stairs, we charge per step or stair.  Being a more complex process, we are going to need to talk about the details and the look you want before offering a quote.

Can you do repairs on my existing floor?

Our extensive experience on flooring installation and repairs offers us the knowledge to fix any problems with your laminate, hardwood or tile floor.

Are you going to level the sub-floor before installing new hardwood floors?

Yes. If the sub-floor is uneven or exceeds the margins from the manufacturer, we will need to level the floor before the installation. Preparing the sub-floor before installation is a step as important as the actual installation.

Are you going to move the furniture?

Yes.  We will move the furniture out and back in for you for a small fee.

Can you haul away the old carpet, padding, laminate or other floor?

We charge $125 for a regular size job which equals one load of trash. This includes labor and dumpster fee.

Are you cleaning the job site at the end of the project?

Yes. We pride ourselves in leaving a  job cleaner than we found it.

Experience and Warranty

Does Ameri Floors have many flooring projects under its belt?

We like to consider ourselves the best installers in Atlanta area. On top of our own customers, we also subcontracted during the last years with the largest flooring companies in Georgia. Some of these companies are Lowe’s, Empire Today, Ideal Interiors, Home Depot, Marmaros Design and more. This allowed us to complete over 500 flooring projects in the last 9 years.

Who is going to do the work in my home?

Our company has different specialized crews for hardwood installation, refinishing and tilling. Each of these teams are screened and trained in order to offer our customers the piece of mind that you deserve.

Do you offer a warranty?

While each flooring product comes with a manufacturer warranty, we also offer a 1 year warranty for the installation.

Can I watch you while working?

If you are passionate about flooring installation, you want to learn how to do it yourself, or just want to make sure the work goes smoothly, you are welcome to watch us while we work on the project.

Payment and discounts

What methods of payment do you accept?

We only accept cash or check for now. We are working on being able to accept all major credit cards.

Do I get any discounts or benefits if I recommend Ameri Floors to my friends?

Yes, we offer a loyalty bonus for any 500 sq ft project or larger.